William I. Traeger

On March 4, 1921, Traeger was appointed by the Board of Supervisors to fill out the term of
John C. Cline, who resigned the office.

Born in Porterville, California, on February 26, 1880, he was appointed a deputy constable
in Porterville at the age of 16.  

Realizing the necessity of a thorough education, he decided to enter Stanford University.  In
August 1899, he arrived at that institution with $1.25 in his pocket.
Bill worked his way through college as a cook, roustabout, student baggage transfer man,
and any other odd job that came his way.

While a student at Stanford, he won distinction as
a football player and was elected team captain in
December 1901.  After an illustrious football
career at Stanford he applied for a leave of absence
due to a serious illness in January 1902.
While studying law in Porterville various college
football teams were seeking his services as coach.
Pomona College acquired Traeger as coach in
September 1902 and the next year he was coaching
Occidental.  In 1906 he coached the Los Angeles
High School team and lead the University of
Southern California in 1908.

Football coaching, however, was only a sideline.
In 1903 he became a law enforcement officer, this
time appointed by United States Marshal Osborne
as one of his deputies from 1903-1906.  

In 1906, he left the Marshal's Office and on
January 7, 1907, was appointed deputy sheriff by William A. Hammel.  He was sworn in at
the same time as future Sheriff Biscailuz.

Traeger left the Sheriff's Office in 1911 to accept an appointment as Deputy Clerk of the
California Supreme Court.  He remained there until 1921, when he was appointed Sheriff
until 1932 when he was elected as a Republican to the Seventy-third Congress (March 4,
1933-January 3, 1935).

Sheriff Traeger was the first president of the Los Angeles County Peace Officers'
Association and a past president of the Sheriff's Relief Association.

William Traeger died in Los Angeles, Calif., January 20, 1935.