Japanese Nambu T-14's for sale
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Nagoya 3.4  95% Blue
All parts match except magazine.
Not for sale.
From the collection of 2MARDIV  email:  mike@badgehistory.com
The guns in this collection are for
sale, except as noted.  All NFA
rules apply.  FFL or C&R only.
All pistols shipped FedEx.
S&H has been running about $25.
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These pistols are part of a collection started in 1975.   They have sat in a safe
since 1980.  I have not pursued this hobby since then.  I now have other
interests (badgehistory.com) and would like to convert these pistols to cash
so I can pursue my current hobby.  All guns have been described accurately
and priced fairly.  Those not for sale are being passed on to my son.
Koishikawa Arsenal 4.4 (April '29)
All parts match except magazine
and no magazine follower release
spring.  About 60% blue remains.
Good very early date shooter.
$ 675 + S&H