Other County Badges
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Flat, wallet badge
for Superior
Court Clerk.  
This example was
full color seal.
Crossing Guards were
used at railroad
crossings to control
traffic in the days
before automation.
Used at a time when
all private security
personnel fell under
the supervision of the
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This badge is
smaller than a
uniform badge.  It a
badge wallet.
Old County Engineer
flat badge.  Note
"Deputy Sheriff"
Badge worn by Nurses
employed by Los Angeles
Sheriff's Dept. in the Jail
Older style.  Still in
use.  Assistants work
along side Officers.
Newer Style Sheriff's
Security Officer badge.
Old style, but still in
use, Sheriff's Security
Officer badge.
Keeper badge which
replaced the old position
of Custodian.  See
Custodian badge
elsewhere on site.
Old style, but still in
use.  Notice scroll
under "Officer"
Click here for history and mission of Sheriff's
Officers along with new and old
shoulder patch.
This badge is a 3/4 size
This badge has the
original "bear-top"
design by Entemann and
is in "sterling silver".
District Attorney's Office
These three badges used in the 1930's.
This badge dates to 1952.
Chief of Detectives, George Contreras,
District Attorney's Office 1927.  Los
Angeles Sheriff captain 1929-1945.
Current D.A.
Investigator badge.
Since 2003.
History of Los Angeles
County Animal Control
Very old private
detective badge from
the Burge Detectives
Co.  Note the use of
the "Deputy Sheriff
L.A.C.O." to
add "juice".
Also known as the Los
Angeles County
Police.  Click here for
Museum Security Sergeant
Museum of Natural
This is a large flat badge.  
Any additional info would
be appreciated.
Los Angeles Co. Fire
Battalion Chief.
One rank above
This badge has been
refurbished.  Click to
see reverse.
This badge is a 3/4
size wallet badge.
Obsolete Harbor
Patrol.  Became Safety
Police and then
Sheriff's Dept.
Deputy Fire Warden
Pre 1921. Before walking
First issue? 1921?
Link to a Short History of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Bureau of Investigation
Sun Badge Co.
Civilian Investigator.  
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Judicial District badge.
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click here for more
information on  Los Angeles
County Judicial Districts.
Los Angeles County Lifeguards
Page created for a presentation by the
Sheriffs' Department.
Will be available as a pdf file later.
Official Los Angeles
County Life Guard website.
Page two
Reporter for L.A. Times?
Reporter for Los Angeles

courtesy: PatchBook.com
courtesy of
courtesy of PatchBook.com
Current dress uniform for Beach Lifeguards
Courtesy of Patchbook.com
Courtesy Patchbook.com
Hat and breast badge from when Life Guards were under
Department of Parks and Recreation.
This card was issued by the office
of Evelle Younger who served
from 1964-1971
Many badges from the 1950's and 60's carry a title "Deputy Sheriff".   This meant that
the person received a "deputization" through the Sheriff so they could have the weight of
the law behind them to accomplish specific things related to their specific job.  The person
would not work in a regular law enforcement capacity.  It was just a formality to facilitate
a job requirement.  These badges were not "juice" badges as often referred to as.
Current Security Officer
Interesting current Security badge.  
Note that there are no cut-outs under
the bear as in all full size bear top
badges.  I have only seen badges that
are 3//4 size flat badges without