Los Angeles County Marshal's Department
Older cap piece.
Last design used.
In 1923 the state legislature passed a constitutional amendment which
created both the municipal system and the office of Marshal to act as the
court's enforcement officer.
It provided for any
city with a population in excess of 40,000 to have a
municipal court.  This created many City Marshals.
In 1950 another constitutional amendment  was approved by the voters
that provided the municipal courts would become district courts rather
than city courts.  This created Marshals of judicial districts.  In 1952 all of
County and the office of Los Angeles County Marshal was created.
The Los Angeles County Marshal's merged into the Los Angeles County
Sheriff's Department in 1994.
There are Marshal's badges being sold that are copies. The most common is hallmarked "Blackinton". These
are usually sold with the implication that they are genuine issue.

Deputy Marshal badges hallmarked Blackinton are not Los
Angeles County issue badges. The above Los Angeles County Marshal badges pictured badges are
authentic and hallmarked Entemann.

Numerous other examples of Los Angeles Co. "bear top" badges are on the market hallmarked "Blackinton".
Class "B" cloth badge.
Very old badge.
Before Municipal
Courts came under
LA County
Pre 1948 hat badge for
Long Beach Municipal
Court Deputies.
Unique Marshal's badge.
"Custodian" was a title given a person placed in charge of a receivership
on a business taken over by the Court or County for fines, fees, or taxes
The Custodian was placed at the business and handled the books and took
in the money until the obligations were met as dictated by the Court
This position is now referred to as "Keeper".
Hat for Deputy Marshal
This badge is a 3/4
size, pin-on.
Badge.  Date and use
Information would be
Older, 1950's Marshal I.D. card.
Early "Retired"
Marshal badge.
Reverse of "Retired" badge.
V.E. Johnson 7-8-30 to 6-1-51
Before the transition to the Beretta M92 the County
stamped the Department name on the S&W M15.  Here
are the Marshal's and Sheriff's examples.
Various views of a typical Marshal "Raid" Jacket.  
Keeper is a term used
for "Custodian".  NOT
to be confused with
janitors, etc.
3/4 size flat badges for badge wallet