Sheriff Eugene W. Biscailuz
Sheriff Biscailuz and
horse in full parade
"billyclub" given to friends of the Sheriff
Eugene Biscailuz
Biscailuz paperweight.  
Probably given away as a
campaign item.
From collection of Brian
Undersheriff Eugene Biscailuz supervising
movement of inmates at the Old Hall of Justice
circa approx. 1928.
Recently elected Sheriff, Eugene Biscailuz  
posing with detectives.
Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz courtesy
Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz
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William Edward Hickman, 19.  With     
Undersheriff Biscailuz in 1927.                       
Executed at San Quentin in 1928 for the
kidnapping and murder of 12 year old Marion
Sheriff Biscailuz, left, is shown with the then
District Attorney of Alameda County, Earl Warren.  
Biscailuz had just been elected Sheriff of Los
Angeles County.  Earl Warren went on to become
Governor of California and Chief Justice of the
Supreme Court.
Eugene Biscailuz  1958
Sheriff Biscailuz with members
of the members of the Sheriffs'
Bureau of Investigation.  
January 1941.
Wm. Biscailuz standing with members if the
California Highway Patrol which he had
recently organized in 1930.
1936 Biscailuz signed
letter on department
Sheriff Biscailuz with his 1934 pistol
Sheriff Biscailuz inspecting
academy class.  Number ?
Biscailuz interrogating(?) Mae
Sultry actress from the 1920's
and 30's.
Good photo of the Sheriff's
Office and his personal roll-top
Sheriff Biscailuz with Jack
Lelivelt, Manager of the
Los Angeles Angeles of the
Pacific Coast League and
Los Angeles Major Frank
Sheriff Biscailuz with
Jayne Mansfield.
Sheriff Biscailuz riding in a local
Sheriff Biscailuz with Deputies
and Miss California for 1955.
Sheriff Biscailuz posing on an 1908 auto.
The "Old Guard".  Sheriff Traeger is sitting in the front
row, center.  Biscailuz is on his right.  Aguirre is behind
him in dark suit.  Any help with the other names would
be appreciated.
Sheriff Biscailuz in a
Check out the old cars in
1954 Re-election pamphlet for Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz.
This is inside of pamphlet.
Front and back of re-election poster.
Sheriff Biscailuz and his "Crime Council"
Biscailuz as a young boy with his
Biscailuz at rodeo in 1950's.  
Biscailuz in 1950's.
Biscailuz home in Boyle Heights 1884.
Eugene is sitting in a pram or stroller.
1951 Yankees including  Lt. Governor
Goodwin Knight, Harold Lloyd, and Bob
Posing for a Life Magazine
1955 Exibition game with California Lt. Governor Edmund "Pat" Brown,  Sweeney,
Los Angeles Mayor Norris Paulson, Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz, and Rochester from
the Jack Benny show.
Date and circumstances unk.  Please email any info you might be aware
Sheriff Biscailuz and Singer/Actor Rudy
Vallee.  1941.  Click to enlarge and
show details of picture.
Undersheriff Biscailuz with C.C.
Young, Governor of California.
Governor has his hands in pockets.
Click here to watch video of the
inauguration of the California
Highway Patrol in 1930. (Large file
which takes a bit longer to load.)
The above badges are a part of a personal collection of Gene Autry.