First Woman Deputy
Margaret Q. Adams
Badge issued to Margaret
Q. Adams in 1912.  This
badge is still held by her
Deputy Margaret Q. Adams at work.
(far left) circa 1912-20's.
Margaret Q. Adams at work.   Date:
sometime in the '40's.  Although her
work was primarily clerical, she did in
effect run the evidence at the LA Co.
Courthouse.  She is know to have also
gone on calls on occasion, especially
when the case involved women and
children.  She told the family that there
were the times when she wore her gun
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Margaret Adams at her retirement
party at age 72, in 1947, shown here
with Sheriff  Eugene Biscailuz.
Margaret was godmother to Gene
Biscailuz/s son Judge Warren Biscailuz.
She often stated to her family that she
owed the LASD everything she had in
Margaret Queen Adams was born July 26, 1874, in Dover Kentucky.  
She came to California and Los Angeles with her father in about
1880 and lived much of her girlhood in the family home at 2nd and
San Pedro Sts.  
Margaret's maiden name was Phillips and she became a deputy
sheriff through her brother-in-law
Sheriff William Hammel, who had
married Margaret's sister Lillian Mary Phillips.  Margaret had
become separated from her husband Elmer Adams and she needed to
work to support her two children.
Margaret was sworn in Feb. 16, 1912 and served in the departments
Civil Division for 35 years and retired when she was 72.  Margaret
passed on from a stroke at age 99 in 1974.
In her later years of service she had been issued a 6-pointed star
which she was wearing when she was buried.
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Earliest Female
uniform..late 1940s
Female deputy uniform for the 1950s.
Female uniform from the
Women of Class 100.  (date unk)

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Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess with graduating
female deputies.
Taken in 1960's.
Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess with
graduating female deputies.
Taken approx. early 70's.